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New start for my Lolita life

I know I am being lazy not to post anything on my blog. But I have made up my mind that I will write my diary at least once a week.
This year. I've been to 3 tea parties and met lots of lovely Lolita. I have to say. Now I am saving all my $ to buy my favorite dress.

My collection of my Lolita accessaries. Most of them are from Chocomint of rakuten ichiba.
They do ship to overseas which is wonderful.

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The print club machine is amazing!!

Yesterday, I took a photo with my kids in one of the print club machine and I was totally amazed about it!!!
15 years ago when I was still a students I was so into print club and I spend all my pocket money into it. However!
Now day the print club is amazing!

Hahaha!! I guess I am the oldest customer in there but who cares!
My face has never change since 20 years old so I think I am still pass to do these kind of stuff.
I guess it is in my gene that I don't grow old.
My mum is 66years now and she still looks like 30 years old. she doesn't even have a single winkle on her face and she is still wearing pink and bows.

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Today, I decided to order some more stuff from Clobbaonline.
I realised I need a petticoat for all my dresses and JSK however it is really hard to find a nice fluffy one.
Also I need some shoes for my dresses because I can't find any lolita shoes in Singapore.
I did find a shop "Haru" but their size were a bit small for me.
These are the stuff I ordered from Clobbaonline.

This is the petticoat I brought.

Dear Celine frothy petticoat. I brought a petticoat from bodyline, it was cheap but not puffy enough. I hope this one will do the trick.

It's the tea party shoes. It's the must.
I also brought a Angelic pretty shoes from Japan, unfortunately they don't have size LL.and I have really long toe.

This is just too cute, I can't resist it!! I also need a real lolita bags. At moment I am using Chanel pink purse which is so not lolita. I was amazingly cheap too. cost me only$28. For my Chanel I paid like$4000 or something.

This dress is sooooooo pretty I can't resist!
I heard that it costs a lot for lolita fashion. However, I was quite surprised that it is not so expansive as I thought.
Firstly, there are so many site that you can order nice and cheap clothes from. I could get like 2 or 3 dresses plus a bags or shoes and still under $300. I mean, if I got to buy any clothes at store. one dress will cost me that much anyway.
My shoes, never go under $500 and now, I can order-made a beautiful around $60. how cheap is that!
My purse or handbags.
The birkin that I order few years ago costed me $15000 and for this money, I can buy whole lolita closet.
The LV bags. I've got like 20~30, now I think about it, it is such a waste of money.
Now I can buy all the clothes I want and still able to pay for the international school fee for my 2 kids.
($48000 annual)!
How wonderful is that!