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My Halloween version daily wear.

Today is halloween. So I decided to do a Halloween version of Lolita. A gothic- Lolita.
This is what I looked like today.
Usually I has long curve hair but I want to bring this gothic look so I decided to straighten my hair today.
For the hair-dress . Firstly I wore a little hat then I thought... Humm.. It looks too cute for Halloween so I changed to a black net . It does give you this creepy feel which is great!
For the make up. I use this Bobbi Brown make up platte. It has every color you need. I am simply going to put on white and black eye shadow with dark red wine lip colour.
I think it should look great for Halloween !

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Never to old to be a Lolita

I started my first blog today.so honest speaking I don't know how to use and what to write. I have been reading other Lolita's blog and post in EGL and I really enjoying them. While I was reading these blogs and posts there is always a question pop up.
"How old is too old to pull the style of Lolita?"
My answer is " As long as you feel comfortable in your style!"
I , myself in my big 4. I started wearing Lolita at my university days. That's like 22 years ago. Although I stopped when I've got married and started working. I still admire this style.
I started again when my daughter started wearing Lolita fashion. I think as a " senpai" I will guide her to this wonderful Lolita world.
I know most of mature Lolitas go for gothic and classic style. It is a good start! However, even you are in you 40th and with a teenage daughter, you can still pull sweet Lolita !

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